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Shrinking pores

your pores don't open and close that is a big old myth. Pore size is mainly a function of genetics. But if they are filled with trapped sebum and dead skin they can certainly be stretched larger than they should be. This is when exfoliation kicks in. Ahas to slough off the surface of your skin, bha to exoliate the inside of the pore. Don't use them together at one time.

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It certainly isn`t a myth.... Pores can open and close. If you steam your face your pores will definitely be open, when taking exercise pores open to allow sweat to permeate thru the skin. The skin is also sensitive to cold for survival purposes .... When overly chilled, the body closes off the pores so that less water or none is evaporated to conserve body heat.....

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^ Dermal blood vessels will swell and contract in response to temperature changes and this swelling has a knock on effect on pore appearance because the skin surface is plumped up and stretched. But as I understand it a pore isn't some kind of muscular opening. It is an outlet for sebum (often there will be a hair follicle present too), or sweat, and in some places in the body but probably not the face all three occur in the one pore.

I think the original poster is concerned with sebaceous pores. To my knowledge a clean pore cannot be shrunk smaller than it is already. A pore filled with rubbish can look larger and even become mis-shapen temporarily and worse permanently. If you come from a family predisposed to large pores...you'll probably have large pores even tho this may not be the height of dermatogical fashion. As I understand it there is no product that can reduce the inherent normal size. Plenty of products make all kinds of claims...but again as I understand it, as yet the best you are able to do topically is exfoliate out the pore of dead skin cells, dirt, sebum and bacteria. Most products which claim to shrink pores just clean them and some don't even do that.

You can't open and close pores like doors, hoping that whatever is clogging them will come out. Women have a long history of attempting to do this with a long list of astringents and masks for years....Steaming the skin doesn't open the pore, but it does swell the skin, which can make the pore temporarily look "open" although nothing has changed.



1) MYTH: Your skin pores open and close.

REALITY: This is one of the oldest wives' tales of all. A pore is an opening in the skin that allows sebum to flow to the surface in order to keep the skin supple. However, they do not open and close like doors. If your pores appear larger than usual, it may be due to dead skin cells that have built up in the pore. This is where exfoliation comes in, as it helps remove dead skin cells and keeps the pores looking smaller and cleaner.

Craig A. Kraffert, M.D



Myth No. 6: You can shrink a pore.

The size of your pores is genetically determined. Cosmetic companies are making many millions by convincing women they can be shrinked. Once you reach puberty, the pores become their adult size. However, they can appear to be overly enlarged if they become impacted with keratin, sebaceous material or bacteria. Anti-agers such as Retin-A and alpha-hydroxy acids can break up these materials to return pores to their normal appearence.


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I can see the pores on my nose (at least i presume thats what they are, or very weird look grey freckles lol)...is that normal? Funnily ehough though, i never ever get spots on my nose. I don't mind though, whatever they are, they look kinda cute

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i used to have large pores. after a mild exfoliating peel and microdermabrasion, it's gotten better big-time. i don't which one of them did the trick, if not both.

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