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i've been getting cysts 1 or 2 everynow and then.. they've never not been untreated.. i've always been using tazorac or antibiotics and now accutane.. my question was

do cysts always leave a scar? or can they leave a mark.. i have one cyst that left a dark purplish/reddish mark next to my nose.. i cant tell if it a scar or not.. i always notice they are darker marks too.. any info on this? cysts are really the only pimples that bug me cause of that.. i never pick at them and i always let them drain on their own (usually in the shower or sleep).. but i notice they stay for 3-4 weeks even more sometimes.. so i cant tell if its a scar or not sad.gif any help thx!

also do cysts heal faster while on accutane? im developing a new one.. but im accutane atm.. so dont know how it will play out hehe

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i have the same question as you. i get cysts on my lower jaw by my ears. i try and not let my hair touch that area but alot of times the wind blows my hair or i have to look down at something and my hair goes to my face and it seems to be the cause of my cysts. They end up looking like a bruise when they heal but they take a REAL long time for the reddish color to go away. Is this a scar underneath the skin sufrace or is it that the skin underneath is still healing or is it that there is still blood underneath the surface?

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i think i have cysts on my jawline near my ears too. all i know is they have been there for like a year and wont fucking go away. It looks horrible.

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