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has this happened to you

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Okay --so I am almost 30 and a mom of two and I am now starting with acne. Geez Louise. So I have a few questions to see if anyone has experienced the same things as me. First of all I never had acne like this before-not even as a teen. I had pimples and zits sure but nothing like these clusters of cystic acne on my chin. My Dr. says it must be stress but I am not stressed 24/7. So here's the deal.

When it began I went to see my dr. She prescribed doxycycline which I might add makes me sick to my stomach. I also am using proactive...something that worked for me very quickly before. It is not getting better. This has been going on since Thanksgiving. I hate this. I am wondering if this all bgan because after my youngest daughter was born I had an IUD inserted. (Mirena) Has anyone experienced terrible acne after using this type of birth control?

Also do you think I should go to a dermatologist? Or should I keep at it. If there are less expensive means I am willing to try. I know a derm appt. even with my insurance will be costly. I am so at the end of my rope. My face looks terrible and it hurts.

Help! Please?

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I just did a look on rxlist.com site for Mirena side effects and one mentioned is acne, unfortunately. The cystic acne you're currently experiencing is most likely due to the levonorgestrel in the Mirena. You may wish to speak with your OB/Gyn about another form of birth control that doesn't involve hormonal tinkering as you're susceptible to acne.

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I just wanted to say I had the same problem as you when I began using Loestrin pills. Hormonal birth control most certainly can make this happen. The only form of birth control that is approved to help with acne is Ortho Tri-Cyclen pill.

If you didn't have the problem before, maybe you could switch to a copper IUD? That's what I want to do when my baby's born - use something long lasting and without hormones. I really blame experimenting with different hormonal forms of bc, for my adult cystic acne.

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It's definitely hormonal acne, so there's very little chance Proactiv will make any difference. In my experience with hormonal acne, there are no topical treatments that will really help much over any period of time. See if you can try some other form of birth control. If not, or if it doesn't help, ask the obgyn or an endocrinologist to look into the issue. It is also possible your hormone levels changed during your last pregnancy, and they may not have normalized afterwards. Doctors can take blood tests to figure out your hormone levels, and from there they can figure out how to treat the problem.

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I'm 31 and have the same problem. My skin was flawless in high school. I started getting severe acne about 4 years after I had my daughter. I've been struggling with it ever since

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