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Keloid Scar Treatment... a lost cause?

Hello everyone,

I am looking for information/tips/testimonials about Keloid scarring and its treatments. I have several large Keloid Scars on my chest which show itching and redness. The feel 'active' and on occasion I have whiteheads and blackheads also appear alongside.

I had cortisone steroid injections into the scars 5 times last year with limited results. My doctor says that for me laser treatment would likely lead to re-scarring. My doctor says that there's little or nothing more that can be done for me.

Is that true, or is there someone out there who can give me some hope?



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I just wanted to write and say that I know how difficult this process is. I had cortisone injections on a keliod scar several years ago and not much happened. However, recently, I had another doctor do the same thing and the results were positive so perhaps time itself works these things out. I wish I had taken pictures so I could show you. It's still there but it certainly isn't as obvious.

I am going through the healing process of a recent CO2 laser peel so I can't say if the results are good or bad or medicore (Rocky Horror Picture Show) yet. I'll let you know when it happens with the keloid but just from feeling it, there isn't much difference.

Science is progressive though so eventually, someday, there will be better treatments for us.

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