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I'm really worried about this 'Dr Vanroy' character. From reading the 'Shocked' post it is very clear that he is not only a fraud but that he is dangerous and a weirdo - people said that when they called his 'patient' (who is probably just him), he talked to them about sex. He's not listed as a doctor. He can't spell and his grammar is terrible - not like any doctor I've ever met. If I was a pedophile I reckon I would think acne boards were a good place to find young teenagers..

I've been on these boards for a while and have developed a certain fondness for them and the people who use them. I just wanted to say please be careful - don't give him any information about yourselves, will you?!

He says red marks don't fade. They do. I had acne when I was younger which has come back recently. But before it came back the red marks from the last bout faded completely, so don't worry!

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Yeah, he smelled like a fraud EARLY on- I was surprised people were still listening to his very broad and general answers, answers that if you've researched and been on this board for long enough, know that it's not any new information. The part he said about red marks fading also raised a red flag right away for me. Yes, they DO fade, and I had a pretty bad breakout about a month and a half ago, and all of those pimples that have shrunken to red marks are clearing up nicely and are almost gone completely. People just need to be careful.

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i think any 'doctor' that gives out a 'patient's' contact details is a bit suspicious. have the threads been deleted or something, coz i cant find them...did he really offer out a 'patient's' phone number?

if he is a fraud...its a bit sad...and also a bit disturbing, but i s'pose people pretend to be something they are not, all the time, over the internet.

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