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What's your "DEFCON 1" strategy when you can feel a cyst is coming?

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ice cubes press one one the spot for a long time then do it somewhere else on your face its good to freeze everywhere after 15min go back to the spot

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Guest jff1986

I take a doxycycline (antibiotic) pill when I get nodules. Nothing topical is going to stop that bastard.

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This is my low-tech, "duh we already know most of this" attack:

- Ice (5 min on, 20 min off, repeat repeat repeat all day). I use a paper towel to keep the ice off my face.

- Ibuprofen every 4 hours consistently

- Keep my head elevated (sounds weird but I'd do the same for a sprained swollen ankle so why not for a swollen face!)

- Take great care to not touch the area except when icing and washing - both of which are done with a VERY light touch

- and I don't apply any topical acne treatments because they do me more harm than good for these ones. I just end up with a super dry huge swollen spot, lol. I do use vitamin E oil (from the capsules) on them sometimes to help prevent scarring.

I tried the Zeno a while back and it didn't work at all, actually made most of them worse. And I was SO hoping that was the magic fix! Luckily they have a guarantee so I could return it.

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Either leave it or stab a pin through my skin and squeeze the garbage out. I like the relief of stabbing it, instead of walking around for a month with a massive cyst, its only a few days. I noticed the scarring is not that different either way.

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I use ice and ibuprophen also. Seems to help it be less irritated. Putting loads of BP/SA just irritates the skin over it and gets redder and peeling, I don't think the peeling helps. I have also used tumeric, its a spice you can purchase from any grocery store. Make a paste and dab it on, put a bandage over to keep on skin (stains skin yellowish), also take 2 tsp per day (in water, yuck) for about 1 week. Its supposed to help boils, seems to help my cysts.

I only fool with it if it wants to drain, then use hydrogen peroxide just a few times, dab on w/q-tip...I know you are not supposed to use on skin but it seems to help empty it and dry it up....then apply the tumeric again. Keep taking ibuprophen daily for about 1 week and using ice to reduce swelling.

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Use duac gel!! its amazing! i had a huge cyst that wouldve lasted more than a month.. almost gone after a few days! :)

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