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What type of acne is this? (pics)

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Another confused person, wondering what to do :rolleyes:

would it be possible for someone to tell me what kind of acne i have

and maybe suggest something that might help, i'm 18

had acne since about 16

erm, have taken antibiotics, used differin and stuff

it helped for awhile but it just came back, it's mostly red marks and stuff now

but lately i've been breaking out alot

so maybe it's coming back and i should goto the doctor?

i've been used dan's regimen for god knows how long

and erm i use gloycolic acid every so often

i'm careful as hell when i shave but it's still hard =/


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My brother had the same type of acne as you, he used antibiotics for a while but became immune to them. He went to the derm and got Tazorac 0.1% cream and it works wonderfully. So, I would suggest making a doctor appointment, it will save you time and guesswork with OTC products. I hope this helps some ;)

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Chill, man...Patience! :)

Mmm..seems as if you have moderate acne. I haven't used that many products before, so I can't really suggest anything...But doesn't seem as if you have severe or anything.

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Thanks for all the help, i'll go to the doctors and see what they can offer me again =/

i somewhat want to go on accutane

just because i've had enough ¬.¬

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