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I'm overwhelmed! What vitamins do I take?

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Oh my gosh! I skimmed through the pinned topics & it's like "take this vitamin, take that vitamin" to clear up acne or "take this supplement, take that supplement." I don't know what to take! There is B5, calcium, vitamin D & A, fatty acids. What do I take?! All of them?! Ahhhh!! :doh:

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I stick with:

-Fish oil



-Vitamin D

-Taurine (in low doses, though)

-B complex

Stay away from Vitamin A supplements, it's my opinion that they're worthless. I also wouldn't suggest megadosing B5.

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I think it's best to start on low doses of vitamins and minerals and increase if it is needed....but you always need to check with a doctor(holistic or traditional) or check online to see what the recommened dosages and limitation are for supplements...and also if there would be any bad interaction with meds you may be already taking...

I personally have had success taking zinc 10mg 3x(but always after eating otherwise it will make you sick to you stomach), fish oil pills(omega 3&6)2xday, as well as alpha lipoic acid(1X)...my skin has cleared up quite a bit since taking these daily....the omega supplements have been shown to improve overall wellbeing/mood.

Again a lot of what you "need" to take depends on your diet(if you are lacking any particular vitamins/minerals)....

A lot of it seems to be trial and error--some people have success just using topical medication to get rid of their acne, some people have food allergies which cause acne so they have to adjust their diet, and some people are just lacking enough vitamins in their diet(which seemed to be my case). It definitely doesn't hurt to take supplements since most individuals don't eat enough fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and complex carbs on a daily basis to get those needed vitamins and minerals...

I would take it slow, research, and really examine your daily diet and lifestyle to see what you may need to take or not.

Hope that helps a bit! Let us know what you decided to do!

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