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Accutane and using a 2% BHA Toner?

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I am on my very first day of Accutane and I was told by my doctor to use a mild wash such as Cetaphil. I use Cetaphil all the time but I used to follow up with a swipe of Paula's Choice 2% BHA. It helps to clean out some of the gunk in my large pores on my nose. I am only taking Accutane 3 pills a day of 20 mg. I don't believe accutane can help get rid of the gunk out of my pores. Is there something else I should use? Something I can get otc? Accutane is costing me a small fortune because my insurance will not pay for the pills. I only get to see my dr next month when I go back in for testing and refill. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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I've never been on accutane, but, personally, and from what others have said, I'd stay clear of anything harsh on the skin whilst on accutane, if I were you. You might actually cause more damage than good. It will clear your acne in time, just be patient.

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diminish your pores. I was on 80mg a day for 3 months and the backheads on my nose disappeared! Nothing else has worked; but unfortunately I can't stay on it forever, and now not only a week later after being off the dosage, the little buggers are re-appearing.

I had very oily skin, but could not use and BHA or AHA products. Too sensitve and drying.

best of luck to you

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