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I finally got completely clear and have no more pimples for 2 months, though I have some red marks left on my right cheek that don't want to go away. It is not really much but it really bothers me.

clear skin, no marks in front sight


red marks on right cheek


I use Clean & Clear Blachhead Scrub with 2% Salytric acid and Apple Cider Vinnegar right now in order to try to get rid of them.

I heard about TCA peels and would like to know which percentage I should use, where should I order it? My skin is really tough and really not sensitive.

Do you have any other advice? Is that actually scarring?

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I dunno your first pic looks like you got a bit of a mild sunburn or facial redness going, the second pic doesnt look that bad but it could be because it's so blurry.

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Yeah, the first one I got a little sun burn, but it isn't about the front, I don't have any red marks / scarring in front

well, it's not bad but it's still annoying. you can only see it when you are really close, but the picture shows it pretty good, it's not worse or blurry

someone's got any idea about tca peels??

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due to nobody answering. I found a page where I bought a whole kit with instructions and 50% TCA


I will probably dilute it to 20% first and try, though my skin is very tough

I am going to post pictures and how I did it, how the kit looked like etc.

hope I can help somebody else who has no idea but would like to do it, unlike somebody else on the board helped me...

but hopefully somebody will respond and answer me questions like:

is the product I ordered good?

how should I dilute it?

anybody ordered stuff from there already and knows the shipping time?

is spring breal enough time (10 days) to let it heal? should I take some more time off?

how frequent can I repeat it?

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I just did a 25% TCA peel on my face last week. A decent amount of skin peeled off, and some is still peeling off, but I think my face will look normal by tomorrow (the 8th day), so you should be alright with 10 days. But everyone is different, of course, so who knows.

I think that you're supposed to wait about 2 months before repeating the peel.

And doing a peel on that wrinkle should help.


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