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Regimen and red marks help!

hey all,

wow i just came across this message board and so much to learn.. and so much different way..


im in a mission to find a good regimen for my girl mostly, and for me also...

both me and my girl(im 19 shes 18) used/still use proactive.. i use proactive still cause i did clear better. but for her its been somewhat a dissappointment..

anyway.. a BIG down side about proactive for us was the OILY skin it gives us. .. and a BIG problem with her skin was the red marks she has which would NOT go away!!!..

i have read DANS regimen.. and somewhat left me still search more.. for the reason is that it does not cover the whitehead for pores.. cause i have read that it does not have any "beads" like the one proactive has in its cleanser..

more background: both me and my girl has been using proactive for a long time(over a year).. i am somewhat 80% clear.. and her, started breakin out because maybe college? and her breakouts leave more and more red marks... its maybe how we use it..

any advice would be great!..

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Your "18)" turned into a sunglass smiley, hehe

The cleanser in Proactiv can be irritating depending on how hard you rub it on. That's why Dan recommends cleansing with your bare hands and bar soap. The proactiv Benzoyl Peroxide gel is great since it is 2.5% and also a gel. The secret is to make sure you rub a LOT of BP all over your acne prone areas...

Red marks can take years to fade. Glycolic acid peels, etc, can help. Check the scar treatment forum category.

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