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Neosporin, good or bad?

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I sometimes use Neosporin on really bad spots that just wont go away, and quite often it works wonders. Though sometimes it just brings a whitehead to the surface, my question is, is Neosporin a good treatment or should I stop?

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actually the equate brand of cortizone is better i think for trouble spots but let me tell ya. Dont use cortizone as a viable way for treating acne. Because it isnt. It will just keep the swelling down it wont get rid of pimples coming in the future. I would of course use the bp for treating the future ones and use cortizone to treat the existing ones. Cortizone is great for reducing and shrinking and making the pimple come to a head. But my derm recommends cortizone for the existing trouble spots while being on bp. I Think it works pretty good. Neosporin helps with cuts and scarpes i have tried neosporin but i dont think it is as effective as cortizone.

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Instead of Neosporin I use Polysporin, which is bascially the same thing I think... and for me it works great. First I use bp on my face as the regimen suggests, and once it dries I put the polysporin on the spots I already have. When you have huge cysts, this stuff does wonders because it cuts the scarring in half, plus it brings the cyst to a head in 24h. Honestly, once I had a HUGE cyst on my forehead, and I put polysporin on it for one night, and by the next day I was able to drain it, and the swelling was reduced by 75%. Also, if any of you, like me, have problems keeping your hands off your face, polysporin is good because if you touch a pimple, your fingers will get all gooey and you'll realize what you're doing (and hopefully stop) :D As well, the stuff I use has vitamin E built in which helps reduce the appearance of scars and moisturizes wherever I put it. For me it doesn't cause any further breakouts, though maybe it will for others.

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