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Really need advice for post-tane OTC products.

Cross posted to the tane forum.

Hey guys.

Well, I've been off Accutane for about 2 months now. Did a full cumulative dose. The problem is, I'm starting to break out again. Not a lot, just some little things here and there. I'm TERRIFIED that it's going to go back to shit again.

I really don't want to have to go back to my derm and ask for another course of Accutane, so before I try that I'd just like to know what over-the-counter products have worked for some of you. My problem right now is that I don't exfoliate, I don't even really moisturize, I just wash twice a day. And I have a feeling if I were doing more basic stuff like this I wouldn't be breaking out at all, and hence wouldn't need to go back on tane. I just don't have any knowledge when it comes to skin care products and I'm not at all sure what I should be using. I use Dan's cleanser twice a day and that's like...it. I'm having some problems getting in to see my derm and all she does is offer Retin-A, which never really helped me, so you guys are like my best bet at the moment. =P

So....it's possible that I may need a second course, but I want to do anything and everything I can to avoid that. Any help you can offer would be GREATLY appreciated!

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Im in exactly the same situation as you 2 months post tane and i am getting small breakouts about every week, sometimes they clear up nicely but some of them are leaving more red marks, depends what kind of acne you are starting to break out in but im about to start trying some 10% glycolic lotions to help prevent comedonal acne and help clear up some of the red marks, otherwise if you break out in inflamed acne i would try using some bp or something

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i am 3 years post 'tane. after i finished 'tane i used cetaphil normal/oily wash. i think i used a gentle SA product like stridex 1% senstive pads. and spot treated with neutrogena 2.5%. also everyday used oil of olay spf 15. i think retin-a .01% is a good idea after accutane. i have been using it for awhile now.

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