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Milk thistle experiences + DIM?

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Hi guys,

I am wondering 2 things: #1 if you guys have experience with milk thistle (which is an herb that is supposed to stengthen the liver), could you post and list any side effects and also if you think it helped your acne

#2 what do you guys think about taking milk thistle and DIM together? I was reading about calcium d-glucarate today and got onto this site explaining the 20 amino acids that your liver needs to to it's job of removing toxins and I started thinking my god, I can't take 20 supplements for my liver!! Milk thistle is supposed to help the liver do its job by helping it to regenerate itself and grow new cells...what do you guys think? ANy input appreciated!

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hasn't anyone here tried milk thistle???

Milk thistle may have heled my liver. It definately cleared me up fr a little while, but when my body got used to it, I broke out, and my acne may have been even worse. People who had never commented on my skin before actuall had something to say.

I'm curious to see what would happen if someone took milk tistle a few days a month, to reap some small long term benefit, without building a tolerance.

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Last week I tried milk thistle for two days, broke out terribly, and have not taken it since.

Very interesting...I've never heard of milk thistle causeing an instant breakout. Do you know anything about the state of your liver health? Has anyone else experienced this?

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