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accutane and hair loss

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I'm on accutane as of the past couple days, and am curious about the hair loss...

what percentage of people experiance it...? :confused: my derm didn't even mention it so i figured it wasn't common, but there seems to be a lot of talk. any statistics on this?


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Im in month 6 and its starting to happen to me. I wash my hair and usually lose 20-40 hairs. I am starting to take 1.5mg of biotin to help the cause though.

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Hi -

I was on low dose (mostly 20mg day) and in month 6, I started experiencing mild hair shedding/thinning. Not a lot but about 25-35 hairs would come out when I'd wash/comb at night. I talked to my Derm. about it and she said since I would be ending soon, it should be okay. I asked her if I could take Biotin and hair supplements and she said those were fine. I was already taking vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium, and pro-biotic (I recommend all of these) She said just no vitamin A or St. John's Wort. They helped some - lessened the scalp dryness and shedding decreased some. Ask your Derm. about starting it early on. Also, watch your dose too. My Derm. said sometimes people experience hair loss early on, males are more susceptible, but also higher doses on Tane (over 1mg per KG of weight). Just watch your hair and skin, if in question, ask your Derm. about it. Better to be on a slightly lower dose than too high and have more side effects.

By the way, I'm two months off Tane, and my hair is doing much better. All other side effects gone - no more aching back or joints! Face still clear :)

Good luck.

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