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Just wondering anyone workout?

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I am turning 30 in June. I'm kinda freaking out. I am over weight and decided I WOULD feel better about myself if I got in shape for my b-day. So I started working out as of Jan.27. I new I was out of shape and over weight but I didn't realize how much until I jumped on the scale and tried my 1st work out. The "instructiona'l video for the original tae-bo... lol Yes it kicked my ass and I was sad about it . I am now in to "basic" and the "8 min work out" back to back. I been eying "advanced" but after looking at it again last night I give myself to more weeks b4 I even attempt it.

I dunno I am just rambling along here I really wanna know if anyone has gone through a change in weight recently and what worked for them? So far for me the scale has not moved. I was thinking cause maybe I was so outta shape I wasn't burning enough before I would fatigue or my body is catching up to me still. I dunno....Help anyone.

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It could be that you are losing fat but gaining muscle which weighs more than fat. Don't always rely on your scales for how you are going weight-wise but rather how your clothes fit, etc.

And don't panic if you don't lose straight away - you didn't gain it overnight and you won't lose it overnight either. It is about a continious and maintained effort to keep healthy & fit that will result in you losing weight...

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I'm 31 & very thin thanks to my life style. I do not eat 4 hours before going to bed, drink loads of water instead of sugar filled sodas & the first thing in my stomach in the morning is a cup of hot coffee which gets my intestines cleaned and speeds up my metabolism to start burning calories even before I eat breakfat. I do not diet, just have my regular 3 meals like everyone else but never have dinner after 6 pm.

Believe me, once you get used to it, it's really no big deal because there's no diet to follow just the time rythm to avoid calories before resting the body. Oh and don't over eat, just enough to feel full but not in an uncomfortable manner.

If you have any more questions, PM me. I have 2 daughters & weight 110 lbs at 5'5.

God bless!


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good for you for taking an initiative and starting to work out.

in my opinion, i think you should be able to eat whatever you want in moderation, just as long as you exercise and are healthy.

keep it up :)

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first of all don't get discouraged. you didn't gain the weight overnight and you're most certainly not going to lose it overnight. you're taking the right steps and getting active and that's very important. i lost 40 lbs in 2005 and have managed to keep it off. i cut back on my calorie intake and increased my activity level.

have you taken a honest look at your eating habits? you don't have to post them but think about how many calories you take in vs. how many you expend thru daily activity and exercise. here's a great site to get started on tracking this:


this is an awesome site. you can calculate how many calories you need to eat based on your weight loss goals, etc. i live by this site.

DITCH THE SCALE. scales are evil...:mad: go by how your clothes feel on you in terms of how they fit. the scale will always be inconsistent, particularly during menstruation or whenever your body decides it wants to retain water.

most importantly - maintain a healthy body image. you might not be happy with how you look at the moment and you can change that, but be realistic about how you can look. don't use what society deems as "thin" as your gauge. go by what feels good for you.

good luck and stay positive. keep up the good work - you're well on your way!!!!


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You may hate the idea now, but take a before picture of yourself in something form fitting, or in shorts and a small top. Keep the picture just for yourself - and a year from now, compare. When you feel like you aren't getting anywhere it is an excellent motivator to see how far you've come. We don't always see it when we look at ourselves every single day.

If you are getting whooped by Tae Bo build up more slowly. Due to my health, I have to build up to activities much slower than the average person - but I still did it. (not tae bo though....lol) If you start out by over-taxing yourself, you'll want to give up. So ramp up slowly. I had to start with only walking 3 minutes a day until I could build up to 30. Took forever, but it slowly worked and I didn't lose days for injuries by going too fast.

Consider walking for your exercise, it is a tremendous calorie burner and healthy in so many ways.

I've lost 17 pounds since 2006 - still slowly going down. I'm thrilled to be 133 pounds now and am shooting for 120 ultimately.

Food - yep, take a look at your food. The only beverage I drink all day is water (either distilled, or club soda which is carbonated). I eat a sensible breakfast (oatmeal is my fav), a fair lunch (simple sandwich), and a good dinner with lots of veggies and some sort of meat etc. I still have my treats, not bucket loads of sweets. :) The point is, you have to find a way of eating every day that you can live with and enjoy for the rest of your life. Make changes gradually, not all at once, or you'll want to give up. This is a slow lifetime change, but if you do it slowly like this you'll never fall backwards. You'll always keep getting BETTER. :)

Keep trying. :)

PS: Happy Birthday in advance for June - - you'll turn 30 when I'll turn 40. :)

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PPS: Also - make sure you get 8 full hours or more of sleep a night. If you don't rest enough, your body can't function well enough to help you lose the weight.

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