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1st month follow-up with the dermatologist

Today was the end of the 1st month for me.

Derm is keeping me at 80mg/day which seems weight-appropriate (165 lbs)...

I rated my acne a high '3' on a scale of 1(best)-5(worst) today. More or less unchanged since treatment started. I was prescribed Doryx antibiotics for a week to help with my latest flare-up.

I was told that I should use moisturizer liberally on my face, even if I don't feel dry. If I want to use oil-free makeup to put it on after applying moisturizer.

Regarding statistics, the derm claimed a 95% cure rate and the other 5% are typically people with exceptionally severe acne. While his assistant the month before said 2/3 are cured after one or more treatments. Who to believe... hmm.

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uh your not suppose to take antibiotics while on Accutane, especially the tetracyclines family, or at least thats what i read/heard ;p

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Ok, yes, doryx is a doxycycline.... a member of the tetracycline family.

It fights bacteria so I don't see how this interferes with Accutane in any way... the doc wants me to take 2 75mg tablets/daily for 1 week only to help combat some of the inflammation I have.

If there's an issue I'm not seeing let me know.

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from the FDA website:

Do not take Accutane with antibiotics unless you talk to your prescriber. For some antibiotics, you may have to stop taking Accutane until the antibiotic treatment is finished. Use of both drugs together can increase the chances of getting increased pressure in the brain.


hope that helps ;p

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