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Sweden anyone?

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Hejsan Ingrid!

If you want something with bensoyl peroxide like in "Dans regim" just go to "Apoteket" and get Brevoxyl or Bexid 4%. They also have Stioxyl 5% or 10%. I don't think Stioxyl contains more of the active bensoyl peroxide, but it contains more of alcohol and could be a bit drying. I hope you find what you want and need.


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jag är också från sverige-

Köpte häromdagen på apoteket 5 %.

Men jag undrar vad för slags återuktare jag ska använda?

Någon som går att få tag på svenksa apotek alltså -

några tips?

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One cream I found was very good as a moisterizer when on Stioxyl, as it dries out the skin terribly, is CLARINS fluide super hydratant. It contains also a sun bock of 15 spf which is very important when you are using benzol peroxide, and it's also not blocking the pores (anti-comedone).

I am currantly using retin-A at night and and benzol peroxid during day. This dries up the skin a lot, but after three weeks the general texture of skin is amazing!

I use a mild peel of baking soda to remove the dead skin and a lot of moisterizer afterwards.

I also found out that using a mild cortison cream ( hydrocortison) to try to heal the dryness is not a very good idea, causes more acne over night!!!

Good luck, Lycka till....

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I think Essex lotion is the best moisturizer ever! You can find it at Apoteket, and its definitely the best I've tried (and Ive tried everything!). It doesnt clog the pores and is quite commonly perscribed by skindoctors in case of acne (but you can get it without a perscription, too).

Bexid (4%), Brevoxyl (4%), Stioxyl (5 or 10%) and Basiron (5 or 10%) all contain BP, and theyre also sold at Apoteket.

However, Ive heard that you should wait at least 2 hours after applying BP before you use any moisturizer, to allow the BP to get properly absorbed by the skin.

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