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Please be kind enough to explain all the "OILS"

would someone pls be kind enough to explain all the "oils" and which is good for what (red marks/active acne)?




and whatever else is out there. i know this could be a long list but i would really really appreciate it! thank you so much!

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I'll try!

Jojoba, Emu amd Camellia oil are all transdermal carrier oils. What that means is that if you use other topicals they will penetrate better into the skin and take them deeper.

Jojoba oil is better for people with oily to normal skin ... it actually helps make the skin less oily because somehow it mimics the skin when it's working normally.

Emu oil is better for normal to dry skins, vegetarians wouldn't go for this, but it is in fact a by product, emus are not killed for their oils, but for their meat. One great benefit of emu oil is that it does relieve pain, so it is useful post surgical/peel treatments.

Camellia oil is more similar to Jojoba oil but also seems to have exfoliation properties (lots of Vit A) ... so people already exfoliating (doing too many peels/scrubs etc.) may not want this.

To my knowledge, no one has ever broken out with Jojoba oil, but a few (rare) have done so with Camellia and Emu).

Personally I love them all! I mainly use Jojoba, but sometimes I mix it with emu oil .... and I use the Camellia oil on my body (breasts and stomach as it's supposed to help with stretchmarks).

If you're treating acne, you would want to add a few drops of tea-tree oil or manuka oil (or both together which is even better) to your chosen carrier oil as above.

I don't think any of these would help with red marks, but if your acne dries, then the red marks will begin to fade anyway.

Any more info, just ask! I love oils!

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thank you so much Maya! i kept reading about this oil and that oil on different threads and was going crazy with what did what. (bad long-term memory)hahah

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