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Does Sodium Lauryl Sulfate cause more acne????

Sodium Lauryl Suflate is in Cetaphil and I use that, but I am not breaking out one bit. But i get worried when people say that the sodium lauryl suflate in it will cause breakouts. SO whats the truth here people?? Is it comedogenic or not? Plus, if it was, why would they use it? peace

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Your question is impossible to answer. I get very irratated skin from any product with SLS in it, even Cetaphil, others also. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate irratates the skin more so than clogging it! (its actually a detergent) Some people are fine with it, some are not, simple as that. If your okay, keep using it. I also have wondered why a sensitive skin product would include a known irratant. My only anwser that i have found is SLS is very cheap, so to keep the cost down, its used often.

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sodium lauryl sulfate. There has been a great of misinformation about sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) being circulated on the Internet. Used primarily as a detergent cleansing agent SLS can be derived from coconut. Although it is a potent skin irritant it is not toxic or dangerous for skin. In concentrations of 2% to 5%, SLS can cause allergic or sensitizing reactions in lots of people. It is used as a standard in scientific studies to establish irritatancy or sensitizing properties of other ingredients (Sources: European Journal of Dermatology, September-October 2001, pages 416–419; American Journal of Contact Dermatitis, March 2001, pages 28–32; and Skin Pharmacology and Applied Skin Physiology, September-October 2000, pages 246–257). Being a skin irritant, however, is not the same as a link to cancer, which is what erroneous warnings on the Internet are falsely claiming about this ingredient!

According to Health Canada, in a press release of February 12, 1999 (www.hc-sc.gc.ca/), “A letter has been circulating the Internet which claims that there is a link between cancer and sodium laureth (or lauryl) sulfate (SLS), an ingredient used in [cosmetics]. Health Canada has looked into the matter and has found no scientific evidence to suggest that SLS causes cancer. It has a history of safe use in Canada. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that this e-mail warning is a hoax. The letter is signed by a person at the University of Pennsylvania Health System and includes a phone number. Health Canada contacted the University of Pennsylvania Health System and found that it is not the author of the sodium laureth sulfate warning and does not endorse any link between SLS and cancer. Health Canada considers SLS safe for use in cosmetics. Therefore, you can continue to use cosmetics containing SLS without worry.� Further, according to the American Cancer Society’s Web site (www.cancer.org), “Contrary to popular rumors on the Internet, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) do not cause cancer. E-mails have been flying through cyberspace claiming SLS [and SLES] causes cancer … and is proven to cause cancer.... [Yet] A search of recognized medical journals yielded no published articles relating this substance to cancer in humans.� See surfactant.

~from www.cosmeticcop.com

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