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What to expect????????

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Hi guys,

Iam new to this site only found it today, thank god i found it though.

Its so informative, learned more here than the dermatologists, who is charging 150 euro per visit..

I have just started taking accutane, finishing the second week, so far just extremly dry lips, head aches and muscle pain.

What else is to come???????????

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Severe life lasting skin damage and redness.

Dont say crap like that you douchebag. just because it didnt work for you, there are MANY more people that it CURES or atleast treats and clears, so they can contain it. You dont need to be scaring people into not taking it because it didnt work for you, and you are sore about it...

By they way i have many friends that are still clear from taking it YEARS ago. And im at the end of my 2nd month and completely clear for the past 2 weeks.

So keep crap like that to yourself. ;)

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Well you may get an initial break-out sometime soon, which I'm sure you've read about. I didn't get one at all, so it's not guaranteed to happen, but yeah you might get some extra acne over the next few weeks before you start clear up properly.

As you get further along your course, the dry lips and muscle aches will probably increase, so take it easy if they do. Your skin and nose will dry out if they haven't already. Easy enough to control with some moisturiser and vaseline. Your skin will probably get redder in colour too.

You might get tired a lot more easier, and find you need a lot more sleep. You might get an increased appetitite. Mine went up and down like a yo-yo, one month I was scoffing food down like a horse, the next month I could barely eat my meals.

Above all, you should expect clear skin sometime soon. Good luck!

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