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I've been on retin-a for almost three moths now. I had tried it before, but never stuck with it for more than a few weeks because I couldn't stand the dryness and peeling. After doing a lot of research and hearning about people eventually getting clear skin if you keep the eyes on the prize, I finally decided I'd just stick with it.

I initially used cetaphil lotion in the morning and st. ives scrub several times a day to control peeling. I soon had to start using a microdermabrasion scrub EVERY SINGLE DAY because that's how much skin was hanging off of my face in the morning. Someone on these boards told me to use shea butter 1/2 hour after applying the retin-a to contol the dryness & swelling I had (btw, I'm at least mildly allergic to almost every skin product out there besides lotions & plain cetaphil, hence the swelling). This helped a lot, but I was still using the microdermabrasion scrub 3-4 times a week and having to use the st. ives on the in-between days. My skin was even more sensitive to the retin-a with all of that harsh scrubbing.

One night I got bored and started flipping through the tv channels. They had a skincare line called Ice Elements on HSN and, being obsessed with skin care, I kept watching. They stared talking about an exfoliator called 2-minute miracle. It's not a scrub, it's a gel that's actually moisturizing. you apply it evenly over your face, wait about a minute or a minute and a half, rub the gel and balls of dead skin start showing up. It takes off the dead skin while leaving the healthy skin as is.

Since I started using it about a week ago, I feel so much beter about using retin-a. I use the gel at night before applying the retin-a and in the morning after I wash my face with absolutely no irritation. In just a few days, my skin (which was damaged from the scrubs) healed, and I have no redness anymore. I don't even need to apply a lotion at night anymore, just a good moisturizer under my makeup in the morning (right now i'm using the oil-free moisturizer that comes with the acnefree scar treatment kit- it's so much better than using that heavy, greasy shea butter all the time!). I'm not gonna lie and say that I have zero peeling anymore, but it's really minimal and way better than it was before using the two-minute miracle.

here's how I apply the 2-minute miracle:

-wash face

-put small dollops of the gel on my cheeks, forehead, chin, and a little bit on my nose

-pat the gel all over my face (the directions say to rub- don't do this; it will liquefy and won't work properly)

-wait a minute and a half

-start rubbing my face in circles. the gel liquefies and balls of dead skin roll off of my face.

-rinse off with warm water

it's so gentle that you can use it several times a day (i used it three times a day the first two days- after that, i only needed to do morning & night).

It's also totally unscented.

Here's a demonstration video of it:


and here's where you can buy it:




a lot of people on this board complain about peeling and dryness on retin-a. bottom line: if you're using retin-a, you NEED this!

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Just want to throw in my 2 cents. I found this stuff from some reviews on Makeupalley and ordered the sample. It is really soothing and will actually get the dead skin off of your face without any irritation. It actually moisturizes and makes my skin feel really supple.

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