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I am new here, I am getting over a fungal infection and impetigo, in a few spots on my face and am left with chicken pock type scars, although they are deeper than my other chicken pock scars. sad.gif It took the doctors awhile to finally get my meds straight, I'm hoping it never returns. I think I may also have some keloid type scarring, but it may just be swelling that hasn't gone completely down.

I heard that scarguard can work good on scars that are fairly new. Has anyone used this with good results? Also does anyone have anything to say about Creme de la mer, it is an expensive cream that's suppose to be miraculous, but I'm not betting on it. I don't have the money for plastic surgery, plus I guess I should wait till the scar is two years old to look into that anyway. I just want to be very proactive in dealing with it now. I am very self conscious about it now as I have two pock marks one right on top of the other. Now if I just had the one, I could deal better but the two just draws the eye more. Also since it is in the sensitive area under the eye I hate to do a chemical peel there. Any help appreciated!

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I mentioned SCARGUARD in one of my previous posts ona nother subject.

I got the Scarguard Lightener for dark marks/spots etc.. from the Plsatic Surgeon i went to.

No other product actually Scarred me like Scarguard!!!

I just dabbed on little bits with the brush like thing that they provide.

In just 2 days the area where I put scarguard on became darker and scab like. Its been 2+ months since i First used it made my previous amrks much darkers and the skin looks damaged and its still not gone away.

Its very potent stuff even though it says its only 2% Hydroquinone.

I mean nothing had made an adverse change like it in a very short maount of time.

I tried it again on 1 spot about 2 weeks agoa nd it again made that area darker and damaged.

The dam thing costs 70$ but i would pay 140$ gladly to reverse the damage it did.

It amy help you or may not. Everyone's skin is different so I suggest you try in only 1 out of the way spot first and wait for a week or so and see how it goes.

I personally am DEFINITELY not going to try it on my face again. I might try on some body area since skin there is tougher.

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sorry to hear about your case. I was going to try the scarguard for keloids, and some say it works on pitting too. It goes on like Maderma and has silicone, vitamin E and hydrocortisone. I used Maderma once before and while my scar got better after 6 months, I hated applying it 3 to 4 times a day. The scars I have now are a little different and I want faster results. Scarguard is all the doctors will suggest.

I can say that while using bactroban, a prescription antibiotic, I think it burned my skin and made it worse. There were other prescription creams I used as well that were to harsh. It is as trial and error. Thanks

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