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Come along as I start my accutane journey * D0NE !!!!!!!

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2 weeks since accutane

Dry lips are a thing of the past. FINALY ! They are almost completely back to normal ! :) That's what really truly killed me these past 6 months, but i'm DONE with that annoyance. PLUS, my birthday is in 3 days !! I'm excited. I'm so much more confident now. Acne is a thing of the past. So that's all for today

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25 days since accutane

I'm getting the oil back in my hair which i haven't decided if it's good or bad. So is my face, it's getting more oily. My lips are completely dry. Skin is still clear =]

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1 month and 24 days post tane

Still completely clear. No dryness whatsoever. I get very small microscopic pimples that you can barely notice. That's what a typical "breakout" is for me now. I love myself so much more. My skin is no longer a problem for me. Just the other day someone randomly touched my face and I looked at them like wtf and they said "sorry it just looked so smooth i wanted to touch it" I've never been told that before. My skin is smooth and wonderful :) Accutane did me wonders.

On the other hand i have minor surgery tomorrow and i haven't gone to school in 4 days and probably won't for the rest of the week :( i am in extreme excruciating pain. I pray that all goes well

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Approx. 3 months & 2 weeks post tane

life is good!!! My skin is clear !!!!!! I am so much more confident with myself. No new pimples, just occasional microsized ones. My skin isn't dry its kinda oily but thats how it was before. My surgery went well and i have now recovered. Woooot ! I'm so stressed though because of finals wish me luck!!! and i wish you all luck!!

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Approx. 3 months & 3 weeks post tane.

Oh no. Say it ain't so... I think i'm starting to break out again and i'm def. scared. I have about 4-6 pimples on my forehead plus a couple around my chin area. I am also getting one on my chest which i've NEVER had before... Nothing big at all but it's more than the average 1 or 2 pimples i'd get. They're small but visible. The derm told me that I would get pimples again but nothing like before. (he told me this about a month ago that I went to see him) Should I be concerned? I'm using retin-a which I know will help clear it up. It started around final exams when I was stressed out so hopefully this will clear up. It would tear me up inside if I get my acne back. Let's keep our fingers crossed ! :pray:

These are the things that i am going to start to do to see if this helps clear these few zits:

-Use an acne facial cleanser (as opposed to Aquanil)

-Stop eating chocolate

-Use retin-a

I still don't regret accutane.

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It could be due to stress, you never know. How long have you been using Retin-A? That should definitely help, though it takes time.

I know some people do need 2nd Accutane courses in order to get things fully under control. Hopefully the Retin-A, along with your other regimen and dietary changes, will help you clear up again. Best wishes!!

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6+ Months post accutane

Hey everyone ! Just wanted to give a mini update && hope everyone is doing good on their acne journey. As of today, my skin has been breaking out a little. (it's not as clear as i want it to be) But it's because of cholcolate. It's torture not being able to eat it when I LOVE it so much :( it really breaks me out thought. So i had a kinda bad breakout on my fore head and a little bit on my cheeks but its' clearing up. I'm def. as oily as i was pre-tane. Oh well, i'm still grateful for acutane. It's done so much for me. I finally take pictures without being camera shy ! && i started going to the gym again :) So that's def. a good thing. anyways, that's pretty much it !

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ImNotCreative-I haven't really noticed if that has anything to do with me breaking out but, I don't drink as much water as I used to..

Lost Count.

Blah my skin has kind of been shitty lately. Not sure whether I should call up my dermatologist again or just wait out a little bit. It's not horrible but I do get breakouts because of my "monthly visitor" and by the time it clears up its that time again =/ Kinda depressing actually because I looked at my picture of when i finished 'tane and WOW. I had such good results. When I look at my skin now, it's pretty sad. I want my super clear skin again. Today is just a down day. I still do not regret 'tane. Maybe I will call up my derm again.

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Been using retin-a and as always, it never fails me. My skin is clear once again :) Nothing a little makeup can't cover. I'm starting to get my self confidence back again :) Yay lol. It's not 100% clear but the redness is going down greatly. Just wanted to let everyone know. Hang in there !

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