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Okay, so. I use differin every other night and benzamycin every other night. Been doing this for a very long time. For some reason, I skipped differin one night and had to do it the next night. That's THREE DAYS!!!

My derm told me that using differin every other night is enough to keep it going, and for me it obviously has been because it's worked very well, but waiting until a THIRD night? This may sound silly, but did I blow that whole year of medication with that one night and now I'm going to go back to breaking out? Or do you think I will probably be alright as long as I am on schedule from now on..


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One would find a situation, such as the one described by yourself, as one where the unfortunate victim need not burden themselves with thoughts of worry, for said situation is perfectly within the realms of acceptability.

Take myself as an example, I have but one worry in my mind, and that is how to invoke unfathomable pleasures into the depths of various females that somehow find themselves within the proximity of my soft resting furniture. Naturally, my worries have thus far proven to be completely and utterly unfounded.

Thus, you have little to worry about friend.

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So this is what you did?

Differin-night 1

Clindmacyn-night 2

Nonthing-night 3

Clindamycin-night 4

Differin-night 5?

You'll be fine.

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