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cover me up

Hey ladies, what foundation causes you to brake out

does any one find that the prouducts they use are braking them out ..

I do and have had enoughf of it so , i,ve stop using the harsh foundation that wasn't oil free or water based , i figure that beside the age factor that itS the make up that causes my face to exploded ,You can trust me i don't like leaving the house with just a water based foundation on but i would do any thing not to have acne any more so here goes nothing .. What are your thoughts do liquid foundations that are oil free and water based still make your face brake out ? does any one know of other products that are oilfree and won't brake ur face out that arn't a liquid ,get back ...........

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A lot of times there are "hidden oils" or other factors that can cause you to breakout. Check out this list of known acne causing ingredients from Sage. It also tells you how to do a test on your foundation to make sure it is truly oil-free. Hope this helps!

~Misty user posted image




This is a MUST for ferreting out "secret oils " Apply a pea sized shape of the product in question to a small square of brown paper bag or small square of notebook paper. Allow the sample of the product to sit undisturbed for up to 24 hours on your counter. If an oil ring forms at any point during the 24 hour period then you will know that the product is NOT OIL FREE.

**Also check out the foundation post at the top of this forum. Sparty has compiled a lot of info regarding good foundations here.

** Go to Makeup Alley and you can read TONS of reviews of all types of products from foundation to skincare. The reviews are posted by regular people so you get an honest view of the product. Just register (it's free) then head over to Productville. http://www.makeupalley.com

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Make up that broke me out badly.


I want to love clinique because they are easy to find every where in the world...but I give up. Here are some of clinique foundation that broke me out and irritate my skin.

-Clarifying Powder Makeup............................break out

-Stay-True Makeup Oil-Free Formula...............break out

-Clarifying Makeup Clear Skin Formula............break out and irritate

•Estee Lauder•

-Double Matte Oil-Control Makeup SPF 15............break out and irritate


-maqui controle .....didn't break me out but did irritate my skin

-Skin-Illuminating Makeup SPF 15............break out and irritate


-100% Oil-Free Matte Finish SPF 15.......break out and irritate

ummm :-k I think I can see a pattern now.... Those foundation with sunscreen agent usually irritate my skin. :-k

Current foundations: Laura Mercier powder foundation, MAC Studio fix, MAC studio tech, Becca concealer .....no sunscreen agent in any of these foundation....

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Studio tech is a bit harder to use than regular foundation but it is very good in bright light and photo. I usually apply ST with foundation brush or damp cosmetic spong. When I finish I lightly spray water all over my face. Then use one ply of tissue to absorb those water and excess foundation off my face. :D

Result?.......smooth dewy finish face.

If your covergirl give you acne, just don't use them. Good foundation will save you money and time.

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Most drugstore foundations make up break out. Revlon Colorstay foundation was the worst one for me. It made me breakout with a million small zits all over my forehead and on my cheeks. I tested twice to make sure it was Revlon and nothing else that was causing it. Once I got off it and continued doing my skin regimen my face would clear. Revlon! Never again!

The only drugstore foundation that does not make me break out at all is Almay Amazing Lasting foundation. I currently use it and it is a cheap price. I did like Beauti Control, and Clinique but once I discovered Almay that is what I decided to stick to.


“Money can't buy happiness, but it does quiet the nerves.� - Anonymous

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Neutrogena Healthy skin foundation --> I would end up with large white spots all over when I wore this.

stuff that didn't break me out: ALmay skin stays clean, NYC (too dark for me though), Body Shop tea tree oil, Neutrogena skin clearing (dries up like spackle though).

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what up thanks for all the pointers and all you thoughts from your expirence ! i Ihave found what is braking out my skin at this momment ,i stop using like i said before the non oil free products and started using cover girl claen make up it's oilfree and i find it dryes out alittle when on my face ,but no brake outs and i also using the cover girl powder.

But what was braking my face out besides all the other non oil free products but the oxy pad i was using for the excess oil and such ,i've stoped using them and what a different s ,you must be very careful on not only the make up ,but the lotion and face washes..

get back and hope to here for you.

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