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I have a few questions regarding in grown hairs. I had this hair on my chest and decided to pluck it, well it became ingrown and I have a pimple there now.

Also, my chest hair was gettin outta control so I shaved a little bit with the grain, not down to skin level, and it is inflamed. Why does this occur?

Another thing, if i shave only with teh grain my hair still gets ingrown even though its not cut below skin level...

Any fix for this?

Thanks guys,


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Speaking as a manly man, may I recommend a manly suggestion that you not cut, shave, or in any way inhibit the growth of your manly chest hair? Manly chest hair gives us manly men our great strength. Even whilst completely hidden from view, it functions as a powerful magnet of available females within the surrounding area. Should any suddenly find their way to your chest, I would imagine said females not wanting to stroke an inflamed bare skin, but rather luxurious and soft manly man fur. You can trust in my wise advice, for I too am a manly man.

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Maybe try tendskin? I have used this for shaving for several yrs with very good success. Also, I consider just cutting the hair close with a body groomer and not the full shave.

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