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more than 4 months... regimen working on and off

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I follow the regimen's steps closely. After more than 4 months, I noticed that it works on an on-and-off basis. My skin will seem to be clearing up after a couple of weeks, then suddenly, one or two big bumps surfaces and ruins it all. These look like mosquito bites rather than the little pus-filled acne (which I have around 5-10 on my cheeks all the time; regimen failing here as well). In other words, I am in a constant state of healing, which is bothering me a great deal.

I have dry skin. I've been using Spectro AcneCare for sensitive skin (2.5% benzoyl peroxide), and Life Brand (same ingredients as Cetophil; it's a Canadian imitation of the brand) cleanser before and Life Brand moisturizer after.

What could I possibly be doing wrong? Do I need alternative products to help clear my acne?

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this is kinda what BP does for me, it seems to be working then i get a spot thats very hard to get rid of and is very hard to touch. And then every now and then i will have an outbreak. I am now trying Urine Therapy (UT) and i have to say its working really well although im only a week into it.

I can use BP without my skin becoming dry and red and its all down to UT. It also heals spots in half the time, even the ones that ive picked at. I will have to give it a month to be sure but i think UT is my cure

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I don't even get outbreaks because I always have acne on my face (small, but noticeable red dots about half the size of sesame seeds, and a couple of red spots the size of the erase at the end of pencils).

Could the Spectro Acne Care just not work? I mean, I hear so many great things about it.

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