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ok im on my 6th day of accutane.i have noticed no side effects whatsoever (touch wood)! cant believe it ive not got dry skin or dry lips or dry eyes.i have very oily skin so i have noticed that it is not as oily and my skin is dryer but not to the point where i need to use moisturiser.i have noticed a slight improvement in my skin already. i am on 30mg a day which i will be taking for 2 months. Ive seen the list of side effects and basically i am just waiting for something to go wrong....... but so far so good...... i will let you guys know my progress soon.

that was what i wrote afta day 6

well im now at the end of my er.... 13th day of accutane. i have to say so far not too bad. my lips are not really dry since ive started using chapstick.ive hav dry skin on the corners of my mouth but nothing major it tends to be in areas where i hav had a spot and its gone and its gone a lil flakey. as for my skin i had mild acne to begin with. at the moment i still hav a handful of spots (5??) (mainly on the area just above my mouth), i dont wanna speak to soon but i really think accutane is helpin. i had oily skin and its dryed my skin out without making it too dry. its weird tho one day i will hav a couple of new active spots the next day they will have died down and ill think this is working- great! then the day afta couple of new spots... day afta they hav died down agen-- its weird! but wats good is that i dont feel that my skin is very bad at all and its not affecting going to work or doing other stuff- so thats good.

1 weird thing last nite was that my right leg went all tingly, like a little dead and sorta pins and needley. it felt weird and i was a lil worried. but i went to bed and wen i woke up it was gone. so dunno it that was due to roaccutane (i was sat at the comp for awhile so think that cud hav had something to do with it)

also i have been sweating buckets in bed. like i woke up in the early hours and i was sweating like crazy.

thats bout it guys speak soon!

oh one more thing. i have drank alcohol like once in 3 weeks...... for me alcohol is a killer and really brings me out in spots. i think not drinking has really helped. so im gonna try not drink for as long as poss and if i do try not to drink too much and drink water as well.i really think avoiding alcohol is helpin me while taking roaccutane.

hey asdf this is what i wrote the other day...... im now on my 19th day and i have to say things have really improved (hope im not tempting fate). im going clear at the mo i only have about 2 stubborn spots but they r not really noticeable and i think they shud go very quickly. all in all i think i may hav been one of the lucky ones! i will put more info on later need my bed was up for work at 5.50am!!!!

well yeah on my 19th day and things are going ok at the mo.i went thru a patch where i was coming out with spots every other day but that short period seems to have passed and i now only hav a couple of active spots and some slight red marks from previous spots but these are not a problem as i hav slightly tanned skin.... any marks that i can see i cover with a little concealer.

er not much else to say really..... my lips are not too dry but i regularly use lip balm so this mite by why my lips hav not really been a problem. i do find that the corners of my mouth are a bit flaky and dry.... but i think this could be because i used to hav spots there and im hoping those areas wil heal in the next week or watever..... my moisturiser solves that tho so it isnt a problem at all.

last nite i had a nose bleed afta footie.... just one of my nostrils.... it wasnt major tho. thats bout it will post soon.... cya


well now on day 24 and things going very well so far..... i am as clear as i have been for a long time and hoping that i will be totally clear in the next few weeks fingers crossed! i used to hav a big problem with white heads and at the mo i have like 1 and so thats great! i think roaccutane is really working well for me because i had very oily skin so i think its doing the job!!

my major problem is dry skin on the corners of my mouth, whenever i eat food those areas get dry where im stretching my skin and a bit flaky so im using lots of moisuriser in those places. my lips arnt really dry. no other side effects.

just wonderin wat moisturiser hav other people found very effective? at the mo i am using.. nivea visage oil-free moisturising fluid

anyway will post soon phil

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Eucerin Renewal lotion with Alphy Hydroxy Acid! That stuff is the best. It is so completely moisturizing, without flakiness, or balling up. Give it a try, if your derm says it won't aggravate your skin. You usually have to take it VERY gently with lotion/cleansers during Accutane. Plus the AHA's are exfoliants and might be irritating, I dont know. See what your derm says, if they say ok, then I definitely recommend it.

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