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DO we have a more updated list of pore-clogging ingredients yet

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Face Reality's List of Comedogenic Ingredients. They're a skin care clinic that several members here use.

And note with the Face Reality List, they only list the problem ingredients (those with a rating 3 or higher) - so if you don't find the ingredient on the list, it is probably ok. Also - all of these lists pretty much come from the same original source which was study of comedogenic ingredients done quite awhile ago by Dr. James Fulton. There hasn't been an updated study to test ingredients that have been added to products since the time of the study. That could be another reason you can't find some newer ingredients on the zerozits list.

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I've heard most lists are based off the same research that was done awhile back, and nobody has gone through the trouble of doing much research since then. I did find a patent for a new type of test for an ingredient's comedogenic potential online. Hopefully somebody out there is taking advantage of that patent . . . It sounded like it might be more accurate then the rabbit ear test, too. And it didn't involve animal research, either.

Um, I have a rough time with the search function myself, but I started a thread awhile ago about this, too, that you might want to search. My other computer got attacked by Starbucks, so I don't have the bookmarks anymore to list them all here; I promise I'm not just being an ass. I think I listed 4 or 5 lists of comedogenic ingredients, and they differed slightly, so at least there was that much perspective. Other people listed some, too. One was the one Wynne just recommended.

Here's another. Fulton was actually the one who did the original research. One interesting thing about his list is in the irritancy rating column. He lists alcohol as not being an irritant at all, unlike other lists. Willow569 told me of the theory that the types of alcohol listed on there evaporate so quickly that they don't cause as much irritation as other types of alcohol. I'm assuming that why he has them listed that way, too. (Sorry if you already know all this, and I'm just preaching to the choir.)

Well, I do have Paula Begoun's ingredient dictionary bookmarked on this computer. It's more general in that it doesn't have specific ratings, but it does point out blatantly comedogenic ingredients.

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