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I want to go on accutane

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Hey everyone...I have been suffering from acne for about 7, going on 8, years. I have tried everything and right now I am prescribed 100mg doxycyclin and 5% benzaclin.

I feel like my doctor is horrible. For example a year ago i started having horrible panic attacks and i could shake uncontrollably. He wanted to prescribe me some anti depressants. So, I had to go to the psychiatrist just to get this straighted out.

Now back to the acne problem. The 5% bp is just completely drying my skin up, and if i don't use it for a day or so, I break out. If I use it only once a day, I break out. So if I'm going to have dry skin, why just do 5-6 months of accutane and have clear skin?

Now heres the most annoying part. I'm going to the beach for two weeks and my dermatologist apportionment is 2 days after i get back from that. The salt water clears up my skin practically all the way.

I don't see why I can't just try a low dose. He says he is a "family doctor" and thats the reason he wont prescribe me the anxiety/panic medicine and the accutane. He said his friend was on it in college and it made is face completely dry. He says accutane makes your skin dry forever.

Should I get a new doctor? :( Right now I'm just so sick of this.

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the thing is i did get referred to a dermatologist and the appointment is right after i get back from the beach, which would be pretty pointless seeing as the ocean saltwater cleans your skin out

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