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record of a boy and his acne enemy

First time i'm keeping a log!

Small history:

Have acne since: 1997, when i was 14

Have tried: doxycycline, tetracycline, doxysomething(forgot), accutane

Have most recently took: Accutane from May-Aug2003

Stopped because of: National Service

Currently on: Nimegen, same as Accutane, just that its a different brand

Dosage: 10MG for first 7 days, den 20MG subsequently

Been on it since: 23/Feb/2004

Today will be the 6th day i'm on my nimegen run..one nightly for the first 7 days, then one in the morning and night for the rest

Current situation: TOTAL WRECK.

my cheeks, clear in the past, is now looking like a whole blotch of salmon, red and very very ugly. there's acne on my chin, both sides of my mouth, above my lips just below my nose, area just above my eyebrows (a big one), my left temple, my nose bridge, theres a small one on my nose, the area both sides my nose (those small heads), a few small ones on my forehead, yea basically its the whole frickin face i'm jus dissecting it.

What im applying:

nothing, according to my doctor, i cant use any of those if im on nimegen

What im using to wash my face:

neutrogena clearing facial wash, will change to cetaphil soon, also using st ives scrub occasionally, have been using it for 2-3 years, will not use that anymore, as i feel it made my skin redder.

Other things:

- have started to drink more water

- decided to refrain from too much chocs/chips/fried/oily foods

- as much as i hate, try to take more vegetables sad.gif

- exercise.

Next update: 5 days later, 28/Feb/2004

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