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don't know whether anybody out there has the same problem as me...

20 this yr, had this problem 6 yrs ago when i was 14...somehow cannot cure, keeps coming back, its not your normal occasional pimples, its those red, blotchy kind, whole-face kind, those really sucky ones, my complexion has never been good since then...

ever since a few yrs ago when i reached the growing-up-and-feeling-very-self-conscious stage, i've become very low-esteemed because of how i look, already not veri handsome, + this problem = shit

sometime last yr took the "ultimate" medicine, accutane, it really improved abit even though it gave me horrible side effects (cracked lips, dry joints, dry eyes etc.) but i lun..

den went into NS, and stop taking it, then 2 mths ago i suffered from a minor stage of depression due to some ns stuff, and everything start popping up again, and i really look like some kinda skin-disease-strickened kinda bastard...

for those who share the same problem with me if there is any...i wonder how you all cope, cuz me totally no confidence in anything i do that needs interaction with people, things like simple conversation, going out in public and holding ur face high, and taking photographs...i realli realli look horrible in fotos, even though my friends keep telling me it doesnt matter but i've sworn not to take any more pics...becuz i mar them, make them ugly...

for the majority who enjoy good complexion, please take good care of them because its a blessing, not something to be taken for granted, cuz i'd give half of my life juz to have that.

not that i'm very rich either, dun think i've got the money to go for those exp treatment, well u guys know what those beauty things, or laser things, now all those are impossible for me to consider...

i've friends who're good and console and tell me this is not impt, whats impt is what u r inside, i agree up to a certain extent, becuz they dont have what i have, thats why maybe they can say that (the usual theory of the third-person-views), they dun know the feelings of getting stares from strangers, esp in a crowded bus or mrt, i feel like fark becuz everyone's like "wah this guy got serious skin problem", i'm not even surprised if they siam me cuz i'm like a creature to them!

anyway i'm juz ranting, have always daydreamed of looking at least presentable, but now can only dream...

im on NIMEGEN now, its accutane but under a different brand name, i wonder when can i have clear skin...

btw i'm from singapore, 20 this yr, serving my National Service (something all 18yr olds in Singapore must do), have been suffering from some personality problems due to my acne...low self-esteem, no self-confidence, u know those shits..

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Dude, i ve had those big cystic spots for years too, i know what it is. Don t forget that some people need 2 or 3 accutane sessions to get a permanent acne free skin. Mkae your best to avoid scars, those are the real enemies. Now i wish i had acne again instead of scars

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While acne may be a problem you need to look at the positives in your life. You speak about how you have friends who care about you for who you are and not what you look like, these guys sound like the best type of friends to have.

When I had severe acne I had NO FRIENDS at all. I would never go out of the house for weeks on end and missed days and days of school and so I was alone for a long time.

Having said that it was only when my acne began to clear that I began to get out of my box at home and mix with people. But i wish soo much that at the hardest stage of my life between the time I was 18-20 that I had the support of the close friends I have now, building those relationships should be your number 1 priority YOU are lucky to have such good friends.

Anyway these lyrics below are from a song that I think is extremely inspirational. Read them and see if they maybe inspire you too (BTW replace Girl for guy if you are a boy)

Look at me

You may think you see

Who I really am

But you’ll never know me

Every day, its as if I play a part

Now I see

If I wear a mask

I can fool the world

But I can not fool

My heart

Who is that girl I see

Staring straight back at me?

When will my reflection show

Who I am inside?

I am now

In a world where I have to

Hide my heart

And what I believe in

But somehow

I will show the world

What’s inside my heart

And be loved for who I am

Who is that girl I see

Staring straight back at me?

Why is my reflection

Someone I don’t know?

Must I pretend that i’m

Someone else for all time?

When will my reflection show

Who I am inside?

There’s a heart that must

Be free to fly

That burns with a need

To know the reason why

Why must we all conceal

What we think

How we feel

Must there be a secret me

I’m forced to hide?

I won’t pretend that i’m

Someone else

For all time

When will my reflections show

Who I am inside?

When will my reflections show

Who I am inside?

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=D> Parker Parker! That's the lovely Christina Aguilera's 'Reflection' song lyrics! Hehe. biggrin.gif No doubt it's truly inspirational. biggrin.gif/ Christina Aguilera and Gareth Gates are my favourite artistes! 8) It's because of Christina Aguilera did I acquire a life motto: "Ignore comments from bigots and you'll lead a beautiful life". I'm fortunate to have wonderful friends, which is a big plus. [-o< Whatever misfortune happens to me, I'm still quite glad because I know it's a test from God. It'll make me a stronger and wiser person! Apart from severe acne, I suffer from a left drooping eyelid and misaligned teeth, for your information. 8-[ I used to be melancholic and get suicidal thoughts often before I got myself hooked to Christina Aguilera, the most wonderful, talented, inspiring and beautiful female artiste! :-k Listen to her tracks 'Beautiful', 'Fighter' and 'Stripped (pt. 1)' from her album 'Stripped' and you'll change, believe me. Well, that's what happened to me! Lolx. Anyway, I'm a Singaporean too, firered. I'm a Javanese male who's turning 19 this year and yes, I do suffer from acne similar to yours, I think. My acne has been classified as 'severe' by the dematologists. I'm currently taking a course of Doxycycline (taken orally), Benzoyl Peroxide 10% cream and some body acne lotion that consists of sulphur, if I'm not mistaken. All that prescribed by the dermatologist at the National Skin Center (NSC). I've tried Tetracycline and Isotretinoin (another name for Accutane) and both didn't work much. I took Doxycycline years ago and it worked well. Don't know why the past dermatologists switched me to other oral medications. biggrin.gif This is my fourth day I'm on Doxycycline capsules, Benzoyl Peroxide 10% cream and the body acne lotion and I already see improvements. Cheers to all!

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i also frm singaporean serving ns same age as u ..

suffering the same problem as u but not as serious as u ..

u haf to use ur will to hold on manz ..

maybe u can put ur photo up n maybe we can helpu ..

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