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Guest T.M.

I've been on the regimen from I think nearly the beginning (6 years?) and only really check back every fer weeks (when ordering supplies). About 4 weeks ago I decided to try and grow a beard and held out for about a week before I couldn't take any more and had a shave. After this I've had crazy breakouts, just spot after spot. When one goes away another comes on the same place or very near. Ive also noticed that they hang around for ever and the marks are taking even longer to go away. I also notice most of the spots are not forming a head and are just red bumps like in grown spots? My face seems to be clearing up at last (touch wood) and I'm just wondering if this is connected to shaving in any way? I shave every day religously and am thinking it could be something to do with the hair follicles in some way not being used to this? Does anyone else have any experience with this?

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you need to start shaving with an electric razor..i use one of the nice braun razors but the thing is i dont use the razor itself i actually use the trimmer that is attached to it..cuts short but not too short so you wont have many ingrown hairs and cuts VERY fast so its conveniant...good luck!!!

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Did you change anything when you tried to grow the beard and then began shaving again? Any product changes? When you began shaving again, did you use a different shaving foam or cleanser?

Are you using LOTS of bp?

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Whats the best shaving gel to use then?

honestly i just use the purpose cleansing bar. get a good lather of it and apply where u want to shave, shave, rinse, then cleanse again.

best to use as few chemicals as possible.

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