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What peels work???

I've been on the regimen for a couple of weeks now and its controlling breakouts and seems to be working but I was wondering if you guys have had success with peels.

I have mild acne scarring and want to know if these peels would actually make a difference

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Glycolic peels do work but not like you would expect it too. I was doing great I was a 100% clear and everything and I only had red marks which where fading but taking time. So I decided to help speed it up and used some glycolic acid 30% and had used it before with no side affects just the usual mild redness afterwords. But this time it stung really bad and i left it on for maybe 45 seconds. I quickly washed it off and iced my whole face. I went to bed and when I woke up i was covered in new zits and red marks everywhere I was so mad. That was five days ago and everything is a little bit better. Some of the red marks went away but most are still there also my skin is super flaky and dry and feels super rough and has little scabs some places the biggest is maybe the size of a pen tip. My skin was looking healthy and had a glow to it. But now Im back at square one. So what Im trying to say is be careful with your face and dont be an idiot and be thankful for your skin theres always some one worser off than you. I was unhappy with my complexion five days ago but would give almost anything to have it back. And use aloe-vera great for healing!

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I just ordered glycolic and lactic peels from www.makeupartistschoice.com hoping that they will help with scarring.

I seem to remember that one of them required you stay away from SA's for at least 30 days before using it but I don't recall which one and the website isn't responding right now. Yet, the site tells you when you order what to do and what strength to start with if you are new to peels.

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