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~ Honey ~

Been vegeterian for 4 years

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yeah, so i've been living without meats for 4 years +/- now.. and then came to think about how long i have having acne.. and when it all started to get really bad. i don't wanna conclude anything myself, but come to think about it i have had acne for 5 years, or more so i don't know if it has anything to do with that... but the thing is... i don't have iron in my body! not in my reserves or whatever, so i've been put on 100mg iron dayli.. and i think that my 'acne supps' are more then enough , so....

i want to try to start eating meat again (and that high fat-low carb diet). but it is so hard, cause the reason why im a veggie is actually that i don't like the taste of the most meats like beef, cow, sheep ect. when i used to eat meat i only eat ham and pork meat, like cotlets. or smoked meat and some chicken breats. and then when i do eat it,everytime i feel sick of the thought where the meat actually comes from like the foot of a pig or the neck or whatever..

and now i really need some guidance,help and tips... cause i wanna start slowly, so i ate some chicken breats yesterday *be prooud of mee* :wub: haha... and today i ate some chicken wings :S :angel:

well.. thanks for all the replies (k)

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Just because your vegetarian diet caused or worsened your acne it doesn't mean that lack of meat is the fault. More often the fault is actually the focus on grains (people don't weigh their music but they rarely notice that they grain portions of bread and pasta are huge and provide alone more carbs than 10 pieces of fruits) a lower vitamina and mineral intake from a low consumption of veggies and fruits, lack of good fats, consumption of junk foods and junk oil and refined stuff.

Lack of meat can contribute to bad health only when by causing a lack of nutrients found in big quantity in meat (but found in another food as well) like B vitamins, zinc, copper.

carsosine and carnitine are not essential nutrients but some people seems to need them in their dietary intake and meat provides them.

Lack of meat can contribute to a lack of protein and an excess of carbs.

The point is that all these drawnbacks can be solved without resorting to meat.

A focus on getting more protein can exist even in absence of meat.

A fouse on reducing starches and increasing veggies and fruits and limiting carbs to healthy levels can exist even in absence of meat. A good fat intake can exist without meat.

Nutrients meat provides can be obtained without meat.

Those that can't be obtained from other foods can be supplemented.

Yes, eating some meat might be easier but if you have taste and ethical reason not to you might either opt for other alternative.

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If you like chicken wings, you should try chicken drumsticks.. oooooohh yeaaaa.

If anything, don't let these 4 years of torture be meaningless, make it have a purpose Mikey. you got that? and listen to Danny! He's the only one in this forum who knows what he's talking about.

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I've been a veggie for about 3 years, and I too noticed that my skin problems seemed to coincide with my decision to stop eating meat. However, like Danny mentioned, I am sure that what caused the problem may not be lack of meat alone (could contribute) but the fact that I was eating an inordinate amount of carbs (pasta, potatoes, meatless burgers) everyday.

So, I have made the decision to start eating meat again. I started out eating fish for a while (do you like/eat fish?) and then in the past week I've slowly progressed to steak. I think that your doing the right thing in terms of taking it slowly (if eating meat is something you've decided to do). Just give your body some time to adjust, and maybe don't eat too much meat. If possible, organic, grass-fed, and free range is a good way to go.

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