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I am so angry at the doctors (those ones where you go to and they just give you a bunch of antibiotics, useless creams etc) I hate their ignorance I hate the fact that they don't care about your well being "oh yeah acne that's nothing, I won't prescribe you anything at this point bcuase is just the age, it will clear up" -" yeah take this and this and that and this one too"

FCKING IGNORANTS they don't Know anything!! I feel like wasting my time and money taking blood tests bcause the fcking ignorants doctors don't give a shit if there's something wrong.. I'm not saying all doctors are like that, just the ones I have dealt with, I hate them. fck them.

I am also really upset at my family, they did nothing to help me.. they just thought "it happens to everyone at your age" dammmmmmmnnnn they don't anything about it! they don't know the freaking depression I have to go through every single time I break out. YES MY FAMILY IS SO IGNORANT but I don't hate them or blame them, I love them.. just that things could've been better if they only cared... and finally I am the one to blame.. bcause I was so ignorant about how important my health is... I don't hate myself.. just that I was so stupid NAIVE for believing in doctors and my family.. but yeah what the hell was I supposed to do when I was only 16? and I didn't have access to learn stuff you learn on internet and books.. thanks to those sources I have learned and keep learning great stuff, even though I am aware that there's also a bunch of crap on the web.

if I knew back then when it started all the things I know NOW, I could've prevented the depression and anxiety I feel sometimes. I could've healed myself from this CURSE!!

but hey I'm 21 AND I won't let IGNORANTS take control or decide over my LIFE!!

and life has just begun!

I fcking hate ignorants that think they know a lot.. hate them!

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Hey man, I don't know if this is what you're feeling, but I was also one of those angry acne guys.

I never smiled and always glared at people, I destroyed my face into a bright red mess every night, at times I dreamed of killing people and I couldn't remember a day of being happy. A day spent without at least two sudden surges of intense anger was an unusuall day, and I frequently hurt myself pounding on walls or mirrors or kicking doors and smashing things.

I began to drank as a kid and I cried at night, and my pillow case was covered with pus and blood.

I had no social life, and I had given up all hope of being in contact with anybody else.

Everyone feared me.

I am assuming that you had already talked to your family, and it was of no help. I have tons of advice to give you, but if taking accutane is a necessity for you (and I am positive it is), then I'd set goals to get the money to get the med if I were you--there are some good dermatologists out there, and it is only out of luck that I found mine.

My father recently obtained a load of accutane from China (I live in Taiwan), but then again, China is China. The reason I bring this up is to encourage you to keep looking for the right doctor or the right med, and get all that anger out by hurting everything in the world except another human being so that you can concentrate, think, plan, and get what you want.

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^agreed. ive been through 3 dif derms.

as far as anger, its ok so long as you get it out of you. express yourself and you will feel better. i did boxing for 1-2 years during my worst acne days. it really helped relieve stress. but getting angry without able to vent made it worse for me, idk.

good luck dude

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Yeah, except that it can be very monetarily draining to keep paying doctor after doctor and them not doing jack...I'd recommend Face Reality Skin Care clinic, they are pretty good.

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