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i'm pretty bummed right now...be gentle. i want to go out tonight, but i just can't bring myself to do it. there's a guy i like who i knew before my skin got bad that i was interested in. recently he contacted me on facebook. i want to meet up with him but i don't think i can. it breaks my heart, but i don't want him to be dissapointed. god, i hate this. i'm in my final year of college and i feel like i'm watching life pass me by.

this is my spring break and i'm sitting here crying and wishing i could crawl out of my skin. or hide under the blankets of my bed forever. i never want to leave the house again. sorry if im coming off a bit dramatic but i am really having difficulty with this. i just want my life back. i want to walk through life with pride and not look at the ground when i pass someone. i want to be free.

my doctor put me on bactrim almost a week ago and my whole face has gone crazy. it began flaring about 4 months ago. it started on my chin, then traveled onto my cheeks, and now has spread to my forhead, and nose area. i am progressively watching it take over my whole face. i completed 5 isolaz treatments-did absolutely jack for my complexion. the more it progresses the more angry, depressed, and withdrawn i become. i have dreams i am drowning. i wish i could sleep forever and never have to face what my reality has become. i start accutane on march 25th. it seems so far away. really not looking forward to an initial breakout. just how bad is the ib and how long will it last? will a lower dose (10 mg daily maybe) lower my chances of having a major breakout?

anyone happen to know what the best procedure for removing red marks?

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I've never been on accutane though I am thinking of going that route eventually when I can afford it. If no one can answer you here I'd go to the accutane section of the forum, and the red marks section. You'll definitely find more help there. Though maybe someone will read your post, and be able to answer.

I know how you feel with wanting to hide away, and just wanting normal skin. Some people would probably advise you to go meet with that guy but I'll be honest-- I wouldn't. I would hide away, keep contact online and just explain right now isn't a great time for you. Then plan for a meet up later on when your skin is amazing and clear and oh so pretty after accutane (because it probably will be that way).

I think you being proactive, and getting on accutane will really help. It will be hard, seeing as there is usually that initial breakout with any new program. But hey, you will be clear soon and March 25th seems so far away but it's not. So you have a few weeks of studying really well and earning awesome grades, movie nights in, and just hanging out with your girlfriends. You'll get through it, and if it honestly bugs you that much it's okay to go out. No one is going to shun you back inside. I know you feel terrible but never be afraid to live your life because you are afraid some people are going to think your face is hideous. I mean have you seem some people? They have wacky haircuts, awful fashion sense, they walk funny and some of them smell. We all have physical things that bug us, and unless we plan to be a hermit we can't live inside forever. So take some time out, reschedule that meeting with that guy, and remember your life is just beginning. (:

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dust in the wind,

i was feeling that exact same way lately. however, my problem is more with redmarks/scars that i have left. it's really hard sometimes. but at the same time you can't let your acne rule yoru life. millions of people suffer from it and what remains from it. they guy should like you for you and not just what you look. good luck with the accutane, but i say to talk to that guy and set something up. you don't want to wait forever. if he's really a nice guy he won't care what your face looks like.

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