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AHA questions [i am using alpha hydroxy brand..but anyone using an AHA join in!]

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I use the Alpha Hydrox Enhanced CREME [not the lotion]..it is 10%.

I just got it not long ago and I have been using it for acouple of nights. I wanted to know when people applied this? Well..any kind of AHA. Do you apply it only at night/morning/or both? I didnt know if it would be to much to apply it twice. Right now I am putting it on at night, after BP.

I am using this to bring down the redness of pimples and redmarks on my cheeks, and also as an exfoliator.

Do you all still us BP when using your AHA? Before or after?


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I didnt use the creme, i used the souffle and i put it on morning and night. i didn't use BP either so you might want to just stick with at night so you dont overdue it. hopefully someone else will come along and give you better advice.

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10% is pretty strong. It's best to work your way up to using it twice per day. Start with an application every other night for two weeks followed by your BP. After two weeks if you're not getting any dryness or irritation, start applying every night followed by your BP.

After you're tolerating using glycolic and BP every night with no dryness or irritation, start using your glycolic every other morning for two weeks in addition to every night. It may be too irritating to use a full face full of BP, so you may just want to spot treat BP in the mornings. After working up a tolerance of applying every night and every other morning, proceed to using your glycolic twice a day every day.

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