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Several months ago I changed my diet. I also started exercising a lot more. I had been vegan and used to eat quite a few carbs. Now I've switched to lean white meats and more fruits and vegetables and my skin is much worse than before. I thought this type of diet and exercise was supposed to improve skin....not make it 10 times worse! Is it possible that just the change itself was enough to trigger a series of outbreaks? It's been almost 4 months and it has no sign of stopping.

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I was never able to get clear eating lean meats, fruits & vegetables. Probably because the diet is very low in fat, so you have a hard time getting adequate fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin A for one is an extremely important vitamin for fighting acne. A deficiency causes hyperkeratinization of skin cells lining the hair follicle, which causes them to stick together and form a blockage inside the pore.

Once I switched to fatty meats, butter, a few cooked veggies, and 1 piece of fruit 2-3x a week I saw a dramatic improvement. My oil production practically stopped. Right now I am about 95% clear, no active acne just a few fading red marks.

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I had a similar experience; I decided I was sick of my (then mild) acne and wanted to do what was what I thought was the healthiest way to clear it. Starting eating loads of fruits, grains, a bit of meat, and a bit of vegetables (didn't really know how to prepare them back then so I ate more fruits instead), and had breakouts like never before. Now if I stick to a balance between fattier meats, vegetables, lean meats, and healthy fats then I start clearing up well unless I'm in a period of stress then I break out a bit but nothing like before.

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