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Hi every one. I have dry skin problem during winter, alot of redness/burning sensation. a little bit of acne. blackheads on nose... this only happens in winter, during summer my face has 0 pimples, 0 blackheads, 0 burns, 0 redness. i became fed up with all this, and started choosing moisturizers. now this fall, ive been using alot of facewash products on my face, which made my face become Really dry, and winter wasnt on yet. my nose starting producing alot of sebum and when winter came on it just made it worst making my nose really oily and around it too, with pimples and redness. ive been using aveeno daily moisturizing lotion, it seem to do a good job, clears away redness, makes skin less oily, less pimples, until im in very cold and windy climate for a long time, or i use a facewash product, the next day when i wake up my face would be alot more red then before, and be alot more oily with pimples and have more blackheads. since i have sensitive skin and im prone to pimples when its oily, i think aveeno is a great product, but i cant really judge myself because i dont know alot about all of this and other things might be better. today i tries cetpahil moisturizing lotion and found it was too oily and made m face sting a lil on my cheeks. basically i think i will just stick to aveeno, and wait until thjis damn winter is over so my skin can get back to natural and i can start taking over the dryness and not make the same mistake as i did and damage it using alot of acne products... does anyone know anything about my dry skin and what would be the best moisturizer? plz reply:D thanks alot !!

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