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I think the biggest thing is this:

--your acne will get worse than it has ever been before it gets better (purging)

That might make you feel like shit, in a mental aspect.


--your skin, scalp, face, lips, etc will be dry

That makes you physically feel like shit, which can lead back to the metal side.

And if you're in college:

--chances are most of your friends are going out drinking, and you are not supposed to.

You feel left out. Again, back to the mental side.

I was started right off the bat at 80mg/day. I'm on day 14 today, and, ya I feel like shit. Dry everywhere and breakouts worse than before.

My doc said that I was started on a high dose and I am purging everything early. Basically said that week 2 and 3 will be the worse, but I will see improvements afterwards.

So I am washing with my face Cetaphil. Moisturizing with Cetaphil. In the shower, I just wash under my arms, 'underwear zone', and feet. I use Aquaphor on my lips, and a vitamin moisturizer throughout the day.

I am very active, eat healthy, drinks TONS of water, take 10g fish oil, 50mg zinc (this has been all done before tane).

Today, I decided to buy some Hyaluronic Acid + Glucosamine. The two of these are supposed to help with joint pain, as well as Hyaluronic Acid is supposed to help moisturize the skin. I am going to double dose for a week, then cut back and see how it goes.

So after the IB is over, and if this new supplement helps hydrate my skin, we'll see if these side effects are really that bad.

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I wish you luck my friend! I too will start tane very soon so I am eager to hear of your first couple months in treatment~

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