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Great Kiss My Face product

I was in Whole Foods Market one day and I picked up a product called Kiss My Face Break Out Acne Gel to use as an alternative to BP. BP did clear my skin pretty well, but it always left me red with a sunburned kind of look. Anyway, it was on sale and I had read some rave reviews on it on drugstore.com, so I thought why not. It's 62% natural, contains tea tree oil which controls oil, and mint which soothes the skin. Unlike the BP cream, it's a gel so it invisibly soaks right into your skin. It smells great too, if you like the invigorating sort of smell. The first time I applied it my face tingled like crazy because I wasn't used to it, but the feeling quickly went away and once my skin adjusted, it's been very gentle on my skin. Within the first week of applying it every night, I was very impressed with the overall clarity of my skin. It evened out my complexion and did not leave me red, which was an immediate plus! As for acne, I have mild acne and this product truly cleared my breakouts faster than BP ever did. I tend to get lazy in my applications so I began to break out last week. I quickly reached for the Break Out Acne Gel and within two days, my breakouts cleared instantly.

I think the only downside of this product is the price - $16?! Insanely expensive for a tube so small. As I said before, I got it on sale, plus a little bit goes a long way so it actually lasts a while. Everyone reacts differently to tea tree oil, but I love it. If you do try this (and I hope you consider trying it sometime) do yourself a favor and store this cap side up. It's hard to get the flip top cap open sometimes, and when you do the gel tends to spill all over the place. If you leave it cap side up, you shouldn't have a problem. And don't squeeze too much out like you do with the Neutrogena BP, because the gel is thinner and more comes out. Just some pointers if you try this great product. It definitely works wonders for me!

Here's the drugstore link if you're interested (you can read the reviews by clicking on Customer Reviews):


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