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i am currently using this french brand of exfoliating cream in a pink container. it says gentle but after im done using it my skins feels really dry and tight .. is this normal ? i want to use an exfoliant because i have like these clogged pores with a small chunk of dried oil i guess it is.. but i can pick at them and it comes out and then theres an enlarged pore visible when the chunk is removed. i dont know what this is .. if anyone can tell me what this is and how to prevent it that would be great. thanks

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I think its from hardened oil in th pore, as you say. I used to get them. I know use the clean&clear blackhead clearing cleanser. It has 2% salicylic acid in it, it will help remove and prevent this from happening. Sometimes moisturisers/creams, even though they contain exfoliantes, can sometimes clogg the pores. Being french and being a cream, i bet its for mature dry skin, and its probably full of fragrance and colours? Try what i recommend, i have sensitive skin and its fine, just start slow! I've used many exfoliantes in the past, and nothing has helped as much as this product. Let me know if it works okay?

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stay away from things that smell good, look good, and have not specifically mentioned something in regards of acne troubled skin. and yes ur product sounds really for mature skin.

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