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Should I take accutane again??

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Hi, I hv mild to moderate acne, but I do not response to any antibiotic and so on treatment. I wonder if I should retake accutane again, however I am pretty scare of the initial breakout

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I advise against it.

Despite what some dermatologists or uninformed users might tell you, accutane is a last resort drug for severe cases of acne, not really for mild to moderate acne.

While accutane cleared up my severe case of acne almost completely after my first course, my second course made little improvement and exacerbated the dryness and flushing side effects from my first course, and the second course was only to fix mild to moderate acne.

I'm not saying going on second course will not work, or that you will experience side effects, but I believe there is a large risk of developing a permanent flushing/rosacea problem like many of us accutane users have if you go on a second course.

That's my opinion, anyway.


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I was in the same situation as you. I began my 1st accutane course with mild acne and it was cleared up within 5 weeks, with no initial breakout. After six months, the mild acne was back ans I decided to go back on accutane again. I'm two months into the treatment and I've never had acne so bad..the initial breakout is horrible. And it is showing no signs of improving........

However, if it does improve, I will be happy I went back on tane.

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You should consider the pro and con before you decide whether to take a second course.

I believe the worst side effects of accutane are hairloss and eczema.

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