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Hi. This is a post primarily for females, since guys don't normally go on birth control. tongue.gif

Anyways. My acne is very much hormonal. I was on a birth control pill about 2 years ago (I can't remember the name of it unfortunately), but it didn't work and it gave me a lot of headaches. So my OB/GYN put me on Prometrium, an all-natural 100% progesterone pill. I know progesterone is supposed to actually GIVE me acne, so I was kinda bummed about that. It kind of worked, but I was only supposed to take it for 6 months and now I'm done with it.

So ANYWAYS. Now my menstrual cycle is all screwed up again (sorry if this is too graphic for anyone tongue.gif), and my derm keeps insisting that I should try seeing my OB/GYN. I just saw my derm last week and she put me on minocycline, benzaclin and tretinion cream, but she also said that I should see a gyno if I could.

Sorry for it being so long. THIS IS MY QUESTION:

I'm planning on seeing my gyno soon, since I'm sick and tired of dealing with fucked up hormones. When I do go see her, what BC pill should I discuss with her? Are there any BC pills that work better with acne than others? I don't have severe acne; at its worst, it's moderate. But I always feel that it could be a LOT better if I got my hormones under control. My aunt suggested OrthoTricyline (spell?), so I'll probably bring that up. But I'd like more than one pill to talk about! :-k

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for reading this kinda long post! smile.gif

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I know Ortho Tricyclin and maybe Yasmin are the ones that are used here in the states. If you are not in the states, I heard Diane35 (?) works the best. I am on Ortho and I am not really sure if it really ever worked. You have to be very careful b/c there are a lot of bcp's that can make your acne worse. Good Luck.

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Not sure if there is a connection with acne control, but I'm on Depo and have been since September 2002. That was also the last time I had my period since Depo does cease menstruation in some females. I was lucky enough to be one of them. biggrin.gif/ While I do have breakouts occassionally, I can't contribute them to hormones. When I was on Ortho years ago, I never noticed a difference, but friends of mine did.

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