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Fuck it, I'm going to try getting clear naturally

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for a good year or so i've been searching for something that will "cure" my acne.

i really doubt a cure exists, plus my mom had it around my age so i can't fight genetics.

when i had stopped doing ANYTHING to my face, for a good month it was really clearing up, but the second month acne started destroying everything again.

i think that's because i wasn't respecting basic rules of healthy living: exercise and eat right.

i had dropped weight lifting and wanted to indulge in chocolate and sweets because i didn't think it was fair clear skinned people got to enjoy them, but i don't give a fuck now, i'd rather be healthy.

i'm also going to shower twice a day, even if i haven't worked out that day as i've heard it can improve your skin. a shower is supposedly a good basic exfoliant i've heard.

i'll update you in a month's time on my progress. i'm happy i'm going to start weightlifting again, it really does improve your state of mind.

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You probably coulda posted this in the Holistic section as well. Anyways,

good for you, that's the way I had to go 'cause I didn't have many options

and nothing was working. Good luck :D

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be very wary about having protein shakes. They are the reason why I am here.

Now that you mention that, be wary of energy drinks! I quit my favorite one a week ago. I got a splitting headache when I quit too...caffeine withdrawl sucks! I still drink my 1 cup of coffee in the morning, but that's it. Energy drinks have too much caffeine, caffeine equals dehydration, dehydration equals more oil production, more oil production equals breakouts!

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thanks for the replies.

i had tried protein shakes for a month or so but the taste alone has put me off of them for good. plus i know an easier, home ingredients shake that does it even better than the store bought mixes.

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yea i sometimes get jealous of ppl that eat chocolates with clear skin too but ive gone 3 years without chocolate and it actually feels good :] plus that means less time worrying about your white teeth :]

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