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I've been hearing TONS of things about saw palmetto on this board, but i have to admit, i haven't done much research on it. i was at target the other day and saw it there, so i bought a bottle of 160mg soft gels...then when i got home i read the back that said it was a MALE HORMONE FOR THE PROSTATE AND URINARY TRACT!

is it bad for women to take it?

Also, i got some of the non-synthetic Vitamin E, and i was wondering how much i should take...ive also heard that rubbing vitamin E directly onto skin will reduce redness/scarring. has anyone tried this? if so, when do you apply it?

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Saw palmetto's primary therapeutic action is to inhibit 5-alpha reductase in forming DHT, however it doesn't have any affect on overall circulating free androgens so I don't see any point in taking it.

As for Vitamin E, before you use any for scars you should read this.


It can actually make scars look worse and cause contact dermatitis. I don't know why everyone thinks vitamin E is so great for scars, it's not!

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thanks...im checking out that site right now...

so what i don't understand is why i read about taking saw palmetto on this board if it doesn't help?

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