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cystic acne forming :(

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a bunch of cystic acne is forming on the bottom right of my face, im getting very scared that these will leave scars. what's the best thing to treat these with is it benzoyl peroxide or salycitic acid... im still waiting on dan's regimen to arrive because im getting off murad which isnt working for me..

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Yep BP, just the usual 2.5%.

I've had it get rid of even the biggest cysts (usually takes 2-4 days depending on size), you just have to be patient and gentle.

Do the regimen as usual, and just use a little extra on the cystic areas. Make sure you allow it to absorb completely by massaging it in, but you don't want to irritate it so you have to be super gentle (barely pushing on it). So basically time is the main factor.

Apart from that, you can spot treat it once (again gently, and just with 2.5% BP) if you wish between your usual ~12 hourly regimen applications.

Finally, icing cysts seems to help the inflammation go down (and reduce infection). Do this before your regimen applications, basically wrap an ice cube in a thin tissue and gently (again, don't push on it!) ice the cyst/s for 1min on, 3-5mins off (repeat a few times).

Hope that helps.

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