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How long for face back to normal after Tane?

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So I've been off tane for two weeks now and although I can tell that some oil has returned, I still have to use moisturizer after I get out of the shower and when I wake up.

My derm told me that it should take a month at the longest for all my oil to return and not be dried out and flaky and I'm just wondering what other ppls experiences are after they finish.

How long until your face wasn't dried out anymore?

When did you stop having to use moisturizer?

When could you rub your face or get it wet and not have to worry about flaky/peely stuff?

Please, if you have any information let me know because I'm startin to get worried that my face is gonna be dry like this forever.

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I'm in the same boat, but I was told 2 weeks would be enough. I did my own research and it turns out you're looking at about 6 weeks.

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yeah that shit is the worst in the morning. it was like that all through tane for me then a month off it went away. a year later it came back like never before in full force randomly. actually drier in the winter now being off tane then I was when I was on tane.. weird

Yeah shower and waking up is a bitch with that dry skin. It only occurs around my mouth too, flipping annoying.
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I saw improvements right away...but probably 4 weeks before my skin felt normal. I still use moisurizer and aquaphor every day.

How come you use moisturizer still? Because you need to? God I would shoot myself if this never went away and I had dry peely skin for the rest of my life.

And yah it is mostly at the corners of my mouth, too! Soo friggin gay. I remember joking about those guys who always had white shit around their mouths, and now I am one!

I'm sure the ladies lovvveee to make out with guys with white peely skin on their lips!

It's almost worse than the acne in a way.

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